Happy Birthday!!! @Camzzwithlove

Posted: June 23, 2014 by joshwinadrian in Uncategorized


“Happy Birthday, Baby.”

I’ll be direct and simple. So you can have its full effect.



You are my sweet weakness.

My unwavering strength.


For generations, people argue about the cosmic battle of the heart and mind. They say that the heart is a sucker for having too much emotions, but in my opinion, The mind is at fault. The only reason why hearts tend to have so much emotion for one person is because the mind constantly thinks about them, dreams of them, even remembering perfect moments with them. So in fact, no part is the better. But for me, the whole perspective of this is flawed. The dynamics of these so-called “battles” are futile. For the only one that can decide what you feel, or what you think about is you. You can only blame yourself when you got hurt, not the heart, not the brain. It is you who decides your destiny, it is you who makes decisions about who you love, who you think about and what you feel. You choose to be happy and to be sad, not by emotions nor your thinking.


I have always had these problems, blaming the heart and the mind of my constant failures in relationships. Both parts, constantly battling the decisions I have to make. But one unexpected event, changed all this. Suddenly, my heart and my mind worked together. We are in unison. That’s when I fell for you, Camille Joy P. Nicolas. You have changed my perspective in life. I have always been a shitty person, with a shitty attitude, doing all kinds of shitty stuff. But that all changed, when I found you. They say life is just a huge highway that we travel til we reach our destination, which is death. Some crashed before reaching it, others just have failures. This highway is ever-changing. It will never be the perfect road. There will always rough and rougher bumps along the way. The good part is who you’re with when you travel that road. I, for a fact, am grateful to have you in this journey with me. We will make life out of the fullest. I have you and will keep you beside me even if this road’s a mess, I’d rather go through with you than give up and stop.


So thank you. For two decades, you have enjoy the smooth ride, these coming years may not be so smooth. There will be burdens, bumps along the way, so better buckle up, and enjoy this ride with me. Okay?


Once again, Happy Birthday Camille Joy Punzalan Nicolas.lovelove


I love you. Always.


By your loving boyfriend, Joshwin Adrian D. Garcia


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