Posted: March 31, 2014 by joshwinadrian in Uncategorized

Sweetest woman in the planet!



I don’t know how to RESTART an honest, meaningful and detailed apology.

But I know how to make a long thank you note *again* hahaha( you’d know why ). Allow me to thank you for the following:

  • for being my punching bag and thank you for not punching back
  • for being my study buddy
  • for being my movie date
  • for being my partner in everything
  • for being my shoulder to cry on
  • for being my pillow and walking bed
  • for being my body guard
  • for being my time keeper
  • for opening the doors for me
  • for carrying stuffs for me
  • for giving me flower without any occasion, I find i sweet.
  • for liking every comment,post and picture I made in the social media
  • for making me breakfast
  • for buying me a ring that didn’t fit me hahaha and the bracelet that serves as my handcuff
  • for buying me food whenever…

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