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A few hours ago, I watched this movie:



     Yup… Couples Retreat. This movie was shown a few years ago. It is about four couples who settled into a paradise resort to accompany one of the couple’s plan to work their marriage out resulting in resurfacing other hidden conflicts in their own respective relationships.



  This couple has a problem getting a child, and the actions of the man was really controlling and suffocating his woman giving her pressure and created a rift between them. This relationship has that one-sided type that people get suffocated or just get exhausted for staying in it. Eventually, the guy realizes that, some things must never be planned and just let it happen. Enjoy and do everything that makes you happy.




      This couple isn’t really what we can call a serious one, for starters, she looks like her daughter. This man got left by his wife in search for what she wanted, now broken.. He tried to be happy with this woman but with that whooping age gap, he can’t really keep up with her, eventually things between him and his wife got better causing that rift to be sealed with new found and strong relationship. This type of relationship needs proof of their love and its consistency before they realize that the only love they need is the one found in each other.



       This couple are high school sweethearts lost their old flames and started to drift apart. They found themselves attracted to different people causing them to think about infidelity. The man never tried to understand his woman and vice versa. Mostly they are lusting for their own call of flesh since they don’t do it anymore. They both want it and in that vacation, they try to have an escapade but it bare no fruit. The reason is, wiithin their vacation, they found that old flame and finally rekindled that flame that was once lost. Their relationship is one of the typical kinds: The one that falls out of love and just slowly drift apart. This conflict can always be solved by effort, understanding, and time for each other. Sometimes, love isn’t enough.. Sometimes, effort and time are also essential in creating a healthy and loving relationship.



      This couple is another typical type of relationship. They are both busy with career and family that they didn’t have enough time for themselves alone. Every woman wants their man to have time for them, for they will slowly get used to it and before you know it, the spark is gone and you’re too late to realize that. No matter how busy, no matter how stressful your day is, make time for that special person. That will really make him or her happy.


Every relationship has its own problems, not all couples are the same, and not all of your relationship will be the same. It will be different based on what you both want it to be and what risk you’re willing to take for the sake of your partner. No relationships are perfect, and not one of them are easy. In a relationship, things will get complicated, things won’t always go your way, but if you make the most of them and work hard to make your relationship work, it will bring fruitful results to your relationship. I too, am in a committed and happy relationship.  I can’t say we are perfect, we do have those moments where things don’t go the way we plan it to happen, or we create conflicts we didn’t mean. But we get through it. ‘Cause when you got something special, you won’t need to let go. Once you found that missing piece that perfectly fits your life, you won’t look for anyone else. We may go through hard times, but it’s better than not being with you at all. 


Camille, I know I can’t give you a perfect relationship, I know there’s bound to be lots of conflicts and challenges ahead of us, but always know that I am always on your side to get through it all. Because with you, Everything feels.. Alright. Better. Better than I even hope for.

 I know I’ll miss you this semestral break, but I will find a way to see you again. I love you. See you soon, my love. Whatever happens, You will always have me beside you. I promise. 




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