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Like the mother of all seasons in How I met your Mother, I’m gonna reveal the woman who constantly makes me fall for her more and more everyday.


Ta-da! Her name is Camille. (I look yuck.)Image


She’s the girl that constantly amazes me in the simplest of ways. Let me tell you something about her, just a brief background. She’s a very Random and unpredictable girl. Seriously. That’s one thing I love about her, Next is she’s a movie fanatic like me, and we always get along with what to watch and every time, we pick  really good movies to remember through the ages. She’s a strong, independent girl, she doesn’t need to rely on someone, she can carry out all of her duties by herself. She’s fun and awesome to be with, she loves bags and post notes, literally. She is one avid fan of How I met Your Mother like me, so we really understand each other. We really get each other, what we like, what we dislikes, although not everything is the same, we understand our differences and fully accept each other. She is someone who can make you smile with her slightest actions. Caring, loving, God-fearing woman that I really fell for.


What I love about her the most is the fact that she brings out the best in me, she doesn’t require me to change, she’s not like that, she just helps me became a better person. She inspires me to be a better person. I thought I can never love a woman again or just accept responsibility of a boyfriend or a lover, but with her, I will gladly fulfill those duties with the utmost satisfaction. I’m a guy who flirts around before, and even after knowing that, she still trust me completely, without holding back. I stop all of my vices, not because she ask me to, but because I want to show her I can be better, I will do better. And I’m gonna prove my love for her day after day after day.


We didn’t know how it started, we tried to prevent it, but as they say, If it’s love, let it happen. Love is like flowing water, it is continuous whatever you may do to prevent its path, Love will always find a way. 


Now she has a hold to my heart that I refuse to let go. She gives me that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling. That everything-is-better mood and that good vibes feels every time I wake up.


She’s my Best friend. My Lover. My Soul mate. My Mom (she’s like my mom when it comes to taking care of me.) My Movie Buddy. My crazy half. My duet. My Significant other. My Happiness. My Annabeth. My Robin. She’s my Camille. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love you.

I don’t care about the past, I only think of our present, and possibly our future. It’s too early to plan things for that part though. Let our future be a mystery and just live in the moment, baby.






Our very first pic. I dug it up on our photos and since I have a very slow connection, That’s a huge effort. Haha. Kidding. Image


They say soul mates are one soul in two separate bodies, and no matter what they will always be with each other. What if…


What you thinking about?

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