24 Hours.

Posted: August 18, 2013 by joshwinadrian in Uncategorized

Just woke up from a gorgeous Saturday. It was really magnificent when I reminisce about it. I got to spend it with you. 🙂

It all started with a phone call. An early one at that. That was my jump start of my day. Always. Next I went to her house to have breakfast. What a sweet breakfast. We had sausage and Swiss Miss with Marshmallow. Another good way to jump start your day. Being with her just makes me smile, for no reason at all.  So having breakfast with her like that, was quite relaxing.

I thought I could only spend my morning with her because she was a facilitator in a game and I wasn’t supposed to visit there. But, in turn of events, and a bit of a fallback*. If you know what I mean. So I came with her then and got to spend a bit more time with her.

At noon, we left the game for the Seminar they need to attend.So we went to SM Manila since its close by and we waited for our friends to come so they can go. I wasn’t invited in the seminar because I’m not on the list. Sucks. I know. I help them find a cab and went to school for another event I need to attend.

We decided that after our events, we will watch Kick Ass 2. Our first goal was Robinson Manila but when we got there, the movie already started for almost 10 minutes. We are the movie type people that if we didn’t caught up the trailers, then it’s a no-go. We also don’t want to wait til 7:50 because Robinson Manila is very far from our homes. We can’t watch the movie in SM Manila, because it sucks. Sorry Henry Sy, I bet you know it’s true. So we rushed for Robinson Magnolia. A mall we truly love to watch movies and go on our movie dates. So we got there at 6:55 and the movie will start at 7:45, It’s fine since its closer to our homes, So we got dinner and she just did the best thing, she let me eat a shrimp (I’m allergic to shrimps) with still that feeling of concern. Oh she’s just the best! Then after dinner, we bought tickets, then watch Kick Ass 2.

The movie was awesome. It totally kick ass. There were bloody parts which my girl was shocked but we got through it. And we enjoyed it a lot. There were action and comic moments.

We ended the day with the words “I love you”. What a sweet day if you’ll ask me. We got home and slept because even though the day was great, it was still a tiring one. I slept with a smile on my face.

A perfect way to end your day. I really enjoy being with her. I know I got a bad reputation with girls, but she made me change all that. I hope she never change her mind about me because I know I won’t change mine with her, I really am in love with her. This woman got a hold on my heart like Robin has on Barney. Nobody knows me like her. She really is my Robin.


Thank you for being with me. I’ll return the joy and happiness you always share with me.

I love you.



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