Movie experience.

Posted: August 13, 2013 by joshwinadrian in Uncategorized

This year I promised myself to watch this movies this year:



The movies I will watch in Theater:

Les Miserables

Warm Bodies

GI Joe: Retaliation

Iron Man 3

Fast and Furious 6

Kick-Ass 2

The Wolverine

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Thor: The Dark World.


The movies I will watch in either Theater/DVD:

Beautiful Creatures

A Good Day to Die Hard

Scary Movie 5

Star Trek: Into Darkness

The Hangover Part III

Despicable Me 2

Smurfs 2

Monsters University


300: Rise of an Empire

The Mortal instrument: City of bones

Recently, I have watch 2 movies on my list.

The Wolverine.


And Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters



I watch this movie because this is one of the movies I’ve greatly looked forward to. Since I read all of Rick’s novels. So I was a bit excited. There are a few bumps, but still, it’s a day well spent. 


My next plan to watch movie:



Of course I’m looking forward to seeing Hit Girl or also known as Chloe Grace Moretz. A real gorgeous young girl that is part of this movie. And hopefully have my movie date with you. So., If you’re reading this, Will you watch this movie with me? 


I hope it’s a yes.


But all in all. I would definitely watch all these movies by the end of 2013, so I can feel I have something to accomplish this year. I hope I make it.

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