Yellow Umbrella.

Posted: June 14, 2013 by joshwinadrian in Uncategorized



Kids, let me tell you the story of the yellow umbrella. The yellow umbrella was the most significant tool in the series called “How I met your mother.” In year 2005, this series was aired and it is about a man telling his children of how he met their mother. Basically the title says it all. It’s a love story in reverse, made by flashbacks and relapses. And for me, the yellow umbrella was the most important of all. The factor that made me love this series at first was this guy named Ted Mosby. This guy believed in destiny, universe’s own will, signs, signals, anything about love or about “The one.” Before, I was a believer in destiny, a full head over heels hopeless romantic. But as time progresses, I lost faith in all of it. And at the same time, so is Ted. That’s why I changed my way of thinking, I started thinking like Barney Stinson. Barney was the ultimate bro, playboy, laser tag player, and a well suited man. He was my ideal. Suits, money, girls. But as I focus on his character, I realized that way of living was wrong. He had hurt so much women, that he deserves to be unloved. But he found one, and He’s going to marry her. As I look back on Ted, even though he doesn’t admit it. He wants to be like Barney, but he can’t because deep down, somewhere in his heart, he still believes. And that is one thing to admire so much about. The moment he had completely gone faithless in all of this pursuit for the one, he had found her. 


So what’s the deal about the yellow umbrella? For me, it served as the only sign left for Ted  to hold on and to believe that someday he will find the one. Ironically, he didn’t give much attention to the yellow umbrella which was own by the mother of his children.




Yes, maybe I found her, but it’s too early to tell. I even bought myself a yellow umbrella, and this umbrella gave me something special to thank about. I want to remain vague here because I don’t want to jinx here, but I feel there’s a connection. This yellow umbrella, like Ted, gave me the strength to believe again. Someday, we’ll see. Just take it slow and go with the flow. That’s the only way to do it. What ever this is. Whatever happens, I’ll be doing my best, so universe, I will start believing in you again. The Universe, signs, and even acts of God which happened just recently. Whatever this is, I’m not backing up.


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