The Right And Wrong Ways To Break Up

Posted: June 8, 2013 by Thought Catalog in Uncategorized

I found this very true when going through a break up.

Thought Catalog

The universal feeling when going through a breakup, to use internet speak, is FML. You’re typically going to walk around with “FML” tatted all over your face for a good week/month/ten years.

fuck my life

Breaking up can feel like eating shit while recklessly speeding in a golf cart.

golf cart fail

Or it can feel like getting smacked in the face while doing some kind of hang-glide thing?


It’s tempting to get really angry at the other person. After all, they have just ripped a large ass carpet out from under you and now you might have to go on OkCupid dates with strangers.

you know what? FUCK YOU

You might want to try and get the upper hand by acting like you don’t care.

fuck you middle finger

You might feel like going insane and strangling someone (or hunting them down and murdering them with an axe, everyone’s different).

creepy the shining gif killing sig other

You might feel like being a big weepy self-pity puddle for a while.

man upset about breakup


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