Iron Man 3 Overdose.

Posted: April 29, 2013 by joshwinadrian in Uncategorized


Yes, I finally watched Iron Man 3 last Friday, sorry for the late post though, I got a few Internet problems like we haven’t paid the bill for like 4 months now. I know, what a poor bastard. anyway, we watched it at Robinsons Place Magnolia like I said on my last post.

It was awesome, many critics declared the same awesome review I have for this movie, there are others claiming this is a bad movie, well, I have to respect their own opinion too. Although this movie concerned itself with Tony Stark’s ingenuity and wits, without relying on his suit all the time. Here we see, that even without the suit, Tony was able to express the fact that without the suit, and even without the reactor on his chest, He is, and always will be, Iron Man. This film was filled with a whole bunch of comic comebacks and exhilarating action. Also this film got an extra appearance from “Dora the Explorer.” You don’t believe me? here is her preview in this.


This watch actually played a very important role in this film. It looks hilarious, I know, but this was one of the funniest moments in the movie. But my favorite part of this movie was probably the last part, when Tony initiates Operation: House Party and unleashes his suits kept in the lowest level of his home in Malibu, California. There he uses all his suits to save the President and Pepper and to fend off the Extremis (the minions of Dr. Aldrich Killian) with the help of J.A.R.V.I.S. here are some screen shots from the epic battle.


OPERATION: HOUSE PARTY COMMENCES! I think the suits were over 30+ or less?


Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts rescues Tony Stark in his battle with Aldrich Killian.

I know most people are saying this movie was a wasted effort, but for me, it was a great movie, a great way to end the Iron Man trilogy. I’m assuming that he will still take part in The Avengers 2 but may play as the new head of S.H.I.E.L.D. after Nick Fury’s death. Best of luck for Marvel.

After watching this movie, me and my friends explore the whole Robinsons Place Magnolia. I was with Camille, Cyrille, Marielle, Maureen, Charline, and Arci. technically the last thee came after the movie and just chill out in the mall. I guess photos will do the talking now.:)


Me and Camille waiting for our friends to arrive. They were all late. hehee.


Photo booth at Robinsons Movieworld for Iron Man 3!


It’s time to watch! And yes we watch Iron Man 3 in 3D! We’re rich, b*tch! kidding. hehehe.



Me and my friends and Arci hanging out in the mall. Above:Me and Camille(left) prepping up for Iron Man 3; Below: (From the left) Arci, Charline, Marielle, Maureen, Me, Cyrille. Camille was our photographer this time.


“I am Iron Man.” – Joshwin Adrian D. Garcia LOL WTF=FTW

So this is what happened last friday. thank you for reading this and I appreciate your effort for your wasted time. HEHE.


I know my Iron Man shirt was in-demand, so I will tell you where I got this. I got this shirt at Robinsons Place Magnolia’s Department store, in the boy’s teens wear affordable for only Php 349.75. You’re welcome!

  1. I watched this just the other week in Japan as it’s only just been released here. We had a fantastic time watching it, definitely better than 2 but not as good as 1. But like you said, a great end to the trilogy but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a 4th. I just hope they never consider rebooting it again like with spiderman….

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