Start of something new.

Posted: April 23, 2013 by joshwinadrian in Uncategorized

A bit cheesy title for my first ever post. Oh well.

So some of my friends wanted me to try out writing, persuading me to join their organization. I think that would be great for me, a new opportunity. Bu t I  think i’m not gonna join. The truth is, I don’t know if I can even do it right or not. So I created a new blog for me to hone my skills, so if anyone can see some mistakes feel happy to correct me. Just don’t be mean about it, no one likes a grammar Nazi  but  if you can correct me in the nicest way possible, I can be very appreciative of that.

So what can you expect from my posts? well, it will be just some book reviews, movie reviews, some of my everyday happenings and even the awesome ones. I don’t know if I will post rants, dramas, or even my own love life, but I’m sure I don’t want to make this blog melodramatic. Just plain random stuff you can see from your own imagination.

I guess in this post I’ll introduce myself. My name is Joshwin Adrian D. Garcia. Born and raised as a Filipino. Currently 4th year at Adamson University taking up Civil Engineering. A random guy with random thoughts in his own imaginative world. A bit insane, mean, if you may add, but with the biggest of hearts. I have a round shape but I’m working on that. I can be a chivalrous man in my own way. Single. Definitely single. But truly a hopeless romantic type of person. I have one of the biggest imagination in the standard of my peer group. I’m friendly, I can be mysterious, But one thing is for sure. You’re gonna have fun with me. I’m also a Jack-of-all-trades I just love to experience new things and explore mysterious things. I love to have an adventure and discover new things. I am a book worm, music lover, and a movie enthusiast.

This is all I guess, I’ll be sure to post more and share all my thoughts and ideas. Thank you for reading this. I appreciate your effort.


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