Spur of the Moment.

Posted: April 23, 2013 by joshwinadrian in Uncategorized

This post was meant to be posted last  night but due to our crappy connection, it can only be published now.

Today, I went to Robinsons Magnolia, it’s a new mall in between Betty Go-Belmonte Station and Gilmore Station. It has a very chill ambience, not confusing like Robinsons Manila but not too crowded like SM Manila…Image



GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Robinsons-Magnolia-Photo-005

I went there because I was planning to reserve tickets for Iron Man 3, which is out tomorrow (definitely psyched!). My friends and I were planning to watch it on Friday since some of them doesn’t have any class. I asked Camille, one of my friends, to come with me because it will be too boring to go there alone. Unfortunately, they can’t reserve tickets for Friday and can only reserve tickets for tomorrow. I was almost bummed by it.


I’m really looking forward to this!

Then in the spur of the moment, we watched GI Joe: Retaliation. It was really awesome for me, because back in January, I promised myself that if there’s any movie I want to watch this 2013, I must first watch it in a movie house. I thought I would miss out GI Joe, but because of our sudden decision, I was able to fulfill my promise. So Camille, if you’re reading this, thank you for helping me keep my promise.


If Camille wasn’t there, I won’t get to watch this awesomeness too.

We also grab lunch before watching the movie, technically she needs to eat because she haven’t had lunch before she came. I spoiled myself with a mango cheesecake DQ Blizzard in their biggest cup. It was delicious but regretful. I wished I took only the small cup. So I guess it was worth it. After the movie, we went around and explore the whole Robinsons Magnolia, and there, in the department store, we found the shirt I was looking for. You see, I like to watch Iron Man 3 with an Iron Man shirt, I don’t want anything flashy, I just want a shirt with a reactor in the chest, When we went to FH, I thought my ideal shirt won’t appear, but when we got to the department store, we saw it there hanging with other superhero shirts. It was a really fated moment. After we bought it, we decided to explore some more and decided to get home around 5:30pm….


The fated moment with the shirt. We feel so happy about this.


So excited that I just have to try it on. ooh, I look slim! loljk.


Say hi to my friend Camille.

This was a fun day for me unlike my every ordinary day where I lie down and just be lazy. I don’t have a lot of pics obviously, but I really enjoyed this day. Thank you Camille for accompanying me. I would also like to thank the readers for the effort of reading this. I really appreciate that effort. It’s time to take a rest now. 🙂


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