Happy Birthday!!! @Camzzwithlove

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“Happy Birthday, Baby.”

I’ll be direct and simple. So you can have its full effect.



You are my sweet weakness.

My unwavering strength.


For generations, people argue about the cosmic battle of the heart and mind. They say that the heart is a sucker for having too much emotions, but in my opinion, The mind is at fault. The only reason why hearts tend to have so much emotion for one person is because the mind constantly thinks about them, dreams of them, even remembering perfect moments with them. So in fact, no part is the better. But for me, the whole perspective of this is flawed. The dynamics of these so-called “battles” are futile. For the only one that can decide what you feel, or what you think about is you. You can only blame yourself when you got hurt, not the heart, not the brain. It is you who decides your destiny, it is you who makes decisions about who you love, who you think about and what you feel. You choose to be happy and to be sad, not by emotions nor your thinking.


I have always had these problems, blaming the heart and the mind of my constant failures in relationships. Both parts, constantly battling the decisions I have to make. But one unexpected event, changed all this. Suddenly, my heart and my mind worked together. We are in unison. That’s when I fell for you, Camille Joy P. Nicolas. You have changed my perspective in life. I have always been a shitty person, with a shitty attitude, doing all kinds of shitty stuff. But that all changed, when I found you. They say life is just a huge highway that we travel til we reach our destination, which is death. Some crashed before reaching it, others just have failures. This highway is ever-changing. It will never be the perfect road. There will always rough and rougher bumps along the way. The good part is who you’re with when you travel that road. I, for a fact, am grateful to have you in this journey with me. We will make life out of the fullest. I have you and will keep you beside me even if this road’s a mess, I’d rather go through with you than give up and stop.


So thank you. For two decades, you have enjoy the smooth ride, these coming years may not be so smooth. There will be burdens, bumps along the way, so better buckle up, and enjoy this ride with me. Okay?


Once again, Happy Birthday Camille Joy Punzalan Nicolas.lovelove


I love you. Always.


By your loving boyfriend, Joshwin Adrian D. Garcia


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Sweetest woman in the planet!


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 I will keep it short and simple.

You are weird, funny, hyper, sadistic, mean, friendly, loyal, trustworthy, loving, shy, confident, evil, good, smart and most of all, amazing. Truly the most random person I ever met. and I don’t regret any moment spent with you.

Happy 5th to us. Many more years to come. We don’t have to move fast.

Let’s take our time and enjoy the journey.


I love you.



-Joshwin Adrian Garcia


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A few hours ago, I watched this movie:



     Yup… Couples Retreat. This movie was shown a few years ago. It is about four couples who settled into a paradise resort to accompany one of the couple’s plan to work their marriage out resulting in resurfacing other hidden conflicts in their own respective relationships.



  This couple has a problem getting a child, and the actions of the man was really controlling and suffocating his woman giving her pressure and created a rift between them. This relationship has that one-sided type that people get suffocated or just get exhausted for staying in it. Eventually, the guy realizes that, some things must never be planned and just let it happen. Enjoy and do everything that makes you happy.




      This couple isn’t really what we can call a serious one, for starters, she looks like her daughter. This man got left by his wife in search for what she wanted, now broken.. He tried to be happy with this woman but with that whooping age gap, he can’t really keep up with her, eventually things between him and his wife got better causing that rift to be sealed with new found and strong relationship. This type of relationship needs proof of their love and its consistency before they realize that the only love they need is the one found in each other.



       This couple are high school sweethearts lost their old flames and started to drift apart. They found themselves attracted to different people causing them to think about infidelity. The man never tried to understand his woman and vice versa. Mostly they are lusting for their own call of flesh since they don’t do it anymore. They both want it and in that vacation, they try to have an escapade but it bare no fruit. The reason is, wiithin their vacation, they found that old flame and finally rekindled that flame that was once lost. Their relationship is one of the typical kinds: The one that falls out of love and just slowly drift apart. This conflict can always be solved by effort, understanding, and time for each other. Sometimes, love isn’t enough.. Sometimes, effort and time are also essential in creating a healthy and loving relationship.



      This couple is another typical type of relationship. They are both busy with career and family that they didn’t have enough time for themselves alone. Every woman wants their man to have time for them, for they will slowly get used to it and before you know it, the spark is gone and you’re too late to realize that. No matter how busy, no matter how stressful your day is, make time for that special person. That will really make him or her happy.


Every relationship has its own problems, not all couples are the same, and not all of your relationship will be the same. It will be different based on what you both want it to be and what risk you’re willing to take for the sake of your partner. No relationships are perfect, and not one of them are easy. In a relationship, things will get complicated, things won’t always go your way, but if you make the most of them and work hard to make your relationship work, it will bring fruitful results to your relationship. I too, am in a committed and happy relationship.  I can’t say we are perfect, we do have those moments where things don’t go the way we plan it to happen, or we create conflicts we didn’t mean. But we get through it. ‘Cause when you got something special, you won’t need to let go. Once you found that missing piece that perfectly fits your life, you won’t look for anyone else. We may go through hard times, but it’s better than not being with you at all. 


Camille, I know I can’t give you a perfect relationship, I know there’s bound to be lots of conflicts and challenges ahead of us, but always know that I am always on your side to get through it all. Because with you, Everything feels.. Alright. Better. Better than I even hope for.

 I know I’ll miss you this semestral break, but I will find a way to see you again. I love you. See you soon, my love. Whatever happens, You will always have me beside you. I promise. 




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 I am feeling this now. I don’t need to flirt around with women to satisfy myself. You see, I got this amazing woman with me. She cares for me. Loves me for who I am. Accepts my past, my flaws and even my faults. She knows how to make me smile, cheers me up when I down. She even understands my diabolical brain and how it works. I am in love with this woman.



    This one has got a hold on my heart that no one can remove or simply take away. This is my girl. My woman. And  I love her with all I am. Sorry gentleman, I’m not letting this one go.

    Thank you for loving me, Camille. I swear to shower you with love and affection throughout my days. I will never hurt you or even attempt to think of it. I’ll remain faithful, loyal, loving man you’d be lucky to have. I’ll give my best to show you how special you are to me, how much I am in love with you. I’ll treat you the way a woman like you should be treated. You can count on that.



10 Things That Will End A Relationship Before It Begins

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Like the mother of all seasons in How I met your Mother, I’m gonna reveal the woman who constantly makes me fall for her more and more everyday.


Ta-da! Her name is Camille. (I look yuck.)Image


She’s the girl that constantly amazes me in the simplest of ways. Let me tell you something about her, just a brief background. She’s a very Random and unpredictable girl. Seriously. That’s one thing I love about her, Next is she’s a movie fanatic like me, and we always get along with what to watch and every time, we pick  really good movies to remember through the ages. She’s a strong, independent girl, she doesn’t need to rely on someone, she can carry out all of her duties by herself. She’s fun and awesome to be with, she loves bags and post notes, literally. She is one avid fan of How I met Your Mother like me, so we really understand each other. We really get each other, what we like, what we dislikes, although not everything is the same, we understand our differences and fully accept each other. She is someone who can make you smile with her slightest actions. Caring, loving, God-fearing woman that I really fell for.


What I love about her the most is the fact that she brings out the best in me, she doesn’t require me to change, she’s not like that, she just helps me became a better person. She inspires me to be a better person. I thought I can never love a woman again or just accept responsibility of a boyfriend or a lover, but with her, I will gladly fulfill those duties with the utmost satisfaction. I’m a guy who flirts around before, and even after knowing that, she still trust me completely, without holding back. I stop all of my vices, not because she ask me to, but because I want to show her I can be better, I will do better. And I’m gonna prove my love for her day after day after day.


We didn’t know how it started, we tried to prevent it, but as they say, If it’s love, let it happen. Love is like flowing water, it is continuous whatever you may do to prevent its path, Love will always find a way. 


Now she has a hold to my heart that I refuse to let go. She gives me that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling. That everything-is-better mood and that good vibes feels every time I wake up.


She’s my Best friend. My Lover. My Soul mate. My Mom (she’s like my mom when it comes to taking care of me.) My Movie Buddy. My crazy half. My duet. My Significant other. My Happiness. My Annabeth. My Robin. She’s my Camille. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love you.

I don’t care about the past, I only think of our present, and possibly our future. It’s too early to plan things for that part though. Let our future be a mystery and just live in the moment, baby.






Our very first pic. I dug it up on our photos and since I have a very slow connection, That’s a huge effort. Haha. Kidding. Image


They say soul mates are one soul in two separate bodies, and no matter what they will always be with each other. What if…

24 Hours.

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Just woke up from a gorgeous Saturday. It was really magnificent when I reminisce about it. I got to spend it with you. 🙂

It all started with a phone call. An early one at that. That was my jump start of my day. Always. Next I went to her house to have breakfast. What a sweet breakfast. We had sausage and Swiss Miss with Marshmallow. Another good way to jump start your day. Being with her just makes me smile, for no reason at all.  So having breakfast with her like that, was quite relaxing.

I thought I could only spend my morning with her because she was a facilitator in a game and I wasn’t supposed to visit there. But, in turn of events, and a bit of a fallback*. If you know what I mean. So I came with her then and got to spend a bit more time with her.

At noon, we left the game for the Seminar they need to attend.So we went to SM Manila since its close by and we waited for our friends to come so they can go. I wasn’t invited in the seminar because I’m not on the list. Sucks. I know. I help them find a cab and went to school for another event I need to attend.

We decided that after our events, we will watch Kick Ass 2. Our first goal was Robinson Manila but when we got there, the movie already started for almost 10 minutes. We are the movie type people that if we didn’t caught up the trailers, then it’s a no-go. We also don’t want to wait til 7:50 because Robinson Manila is very far from our homes. We can’t watch the movie in SM Manila, because it sucks. Sorry Henry Sy, I bet you know it’s true. So we rushed for Robinson Magnolia. A mall we truly love to watch movies and go on our movie dates. So we got there at 6:55 and the movie will start at 7:45, It’s fine since its closer to our homes, So we got dinner and she just did the best thing, she let me eat a shrimp (I’m allergic to shrimps) with still that feeling of concern. Oh she’s just the best! Then after dinner, we bought tickets, then watch Kick Ass 2.

The movie was awesome. It totally kick ass. There were bloody parts which my girl was shocked but we got through it. And we enjoyed it a lot. There were action and comic moments.

We ended the day with the words “I love you”. What a sweet day if you’ll ask me. We got home and slept because even though the day was great, it was still a tiring one. I slept with a smile on my face.

A perfect way to end your day. I really enjoy being with her. I know I got a bad reputation with girls, but she made me change all that. I hope she never change her mind about me because I know I won’t change mine with her, I really am in love with her. This woman got a hold on my heart like Robin has on Barney. Nobody knows me like her. She really is my Robin.


Thank you for being with me. I’ll return the joy and happiness you always share with me.

I love you.


Movie experience.

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This year I promised myself to watch this movies this year:



The movies I will watch in Theater:

Les Miserables

Warm Bodies

GI Joe: Retaliation

Iron Man 3

Fast and Furious 6

Kick-Ass 2

The Wolverine

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Thor: The Dark World.


The movies I will watch in either Theater/DVD:

Beautiful Creatures

A Good Day to Die Hard

Scary Movie 5

Star Trek: Into Darkness

The Hangover Part III

Despicable Me 2

Smurfs 2

Monsters University


300: Rise of an Empire

The Mortal instrument: City of bones

Recently, I have watch 2 movies on my list.

The Wolverine.


And Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters



I watch this movie because this is one of the movies I’ve greatly looked forward to. Since I read all of Rick’s novels. So I was a bit excited. There are a few bumps, but still, it’s a day well spent. 


My next plan to watch movie:



Of course I’m looking forward to seeing Hit Girl or also known as Chloe Grace Moretz. A real gorgeous young girl that is part of this movie. And hopefully have my movie date with you. So., If you’re reading this, Will you watch this movie with me? 


I hope it’s a yes.


But all in all. I would definitely watch all these movies by the end of 2013, so I can feel I have something to accomplish this year. I hope I make it.


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This is a strange feeling. This nostalgic feeling. I thought I will never feel this way again but here it is right now. As I said in my recent post.. With you it’s different. It’s better. 

“One day, someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.”


I’m happy with you. I hope you feel the same way I do. I constantly wait for your calls, hear you laugh, see you. and hold your hand like I’m not gonna see you again. I think.. You found a way under my skin and just sneak your way right into my heart. I hope you feel the same way. But it will be too amazing if it does. I’m just glad I have you with me. You gave me something I thought I could never have again.


I’m falling for you, Robin. More than you know.